Our Story

Arayu + Skin Serum was born out of a passion for natural health
and desire to help people achieve clear skin naturally.

Our founder Jane, is a qualified naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist who is
devoted to helping people achieve optimal wellness.

Jane has seen many patients experience frustration and heartache from problem skin and acne,
and was concerned by the lack of real, safe treatment options available.

In 2012 Jane began a four-year journey to find a solution. Through sheer determination, research and trials,
Jane developed a unique, natural yet powerful formulation – the Arayu + Skin Serum.

Four years later Arayu has helped many of Jane’s patients find freedom from acne,
pimples and problem skin and it is now available to you!

About Naturopath Jane

Jane grew up on a farm on the beautiful Australian Coastline where the majority of her family’s food was grown organically. Her parents’ commitment to nutrition and a natural lifestyle instilled a deep understanding of healthy living in Jane.

Her childhood was the foundation for her lifelong passion for health, family and helping others. Jane holds formal qualifications in Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine and Nutrition.

She lives on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, in Australia, with her husband and two boys enjoying the ocean, love and wellness.

Our Commitment

To produce a truly effective formula that harnesses the healing power of nature and is free from nasties and side effects.

To do no harm to people and the planet by ethically sourcing the highest quality botanical ingredients and creating a product that is chemical free.

To help others experience clear skin, wellness and a happier life.