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@ lola beauty

"Lately I’ve been getting quite a few break outs and I tried the @arayu_skin Serum last nights and it already bought out a few of my hidden break outs ... Plus it’s made of all natural botanicals and is not animal tested" @lolaabeautyy



"I really struggled with my skin and had bad acne. I tried every well known acne treatment available that either made no difference or really dried out my skin. Finally I got hold of some Arayu + Skin Serum to get rid of my pimples and after a short time my skin cleared up"


Jenny, Mother

"When my daughter turned 13 she started high school and instantly became sensitive about her appearance. Unfortunately it was at this time that she also began to get pimples. We tried many different products which were expensive and made little difference. As a nurse I must admit I was looking to western medicine for a cure. I certainly didn't think that anything natural would work. That was until my daughter discovered Arayu. Within a couple of weeks her skin was clear and she had her confidence back. But the best thing about Arayu was that it did not have the side effects of most pharmaceutical medications."


Anna, 13

"After using Arayu I now have less pimples, my skin is also not as red or sore. It has a strange smell but it is very easy to use. Before using this, I tried a few other products which didn’t work as well as Arayu. I absolutely recommend this to others it has made me feel much better about how I look.”


Donna, Mother

"I have two teenage daughters who have used Arayu's serum, it has really helped to keep their skin clear! Great product!”


Mindy, Mother

"Beautiful product that is not full of fillers or nasty chemicals - thank you”



"It feels delicious on my skin, I love the smell and my skin is glowing! Awesome product!”


Nick, 25

"I have struggled with acne since my teens. I was so fed up with bad skin and the anxiety that I felt because of it. Arayu has changed my life. My skin is so much clearer with only the occasional pimple. I feel so much more confident."

Jo, Mother

"My son, 15 years of age, was very badly affected by acne and pimples. Before we began treatment his face was a red welt, inflamed and very painful with nasty pustules. We had tried an antibiotic prescribed by our general practitioner which made a minimal difference.
Since using the Arayu + Skin Serum treatment, the inflammation has gone down, his skin has cleared up 90%. It really has been a life changer – as he is more confident and just feels better because his face in not angry and sore. Thank you!"


Rupert, 15

"The treatment made my face less red and much less painful. You must put it on every night for it to work, it's the gear!"


Annie, 17

"When I used Arayu + Skin Serum, I found that my pimples became smaller overnight, and within a week or two my skin was much smoother."



"Amazing product that feels lovely on your skin and is so easy to use!”



"I've had amazing results in such a short time!”



"I've been using Arayu + Skin Serum for a while now and it is the only product I’ve found that has really worked for my teenage acne. Now, my skin is pimple and acne free!"


Deon, 17

"I'm not usually the kind to give reviews on products, but considering my face was full of pimples before i started using this. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is self consciousness about their acne.”


Molly, 16

"Acne was the worst, it was horrible, people thought I was unclean and I felt really bad about myself. I used to wear heaps of makeup to cover it. Arayu's serum has cleared my skin and now I am so much happier."

Barbara, Mother of Antony (progress after 5 days)

“I wanted to thank you, and tell you that my son already has improved skin amazingly! I am very happy and so is he! Thanks again, we love it!"